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Title: Los laberintos como recurso didáctico para el desarrollo de la coordinación viso manual en los niños de educación inicial
Authors: Ballesteros Casco, Tamara Yajaira
Lema Avalos, Edith Tamia
Issue Date: 1-Apr-2022
Publisher: Universidad Tècnica de Ambato-Facultad de Ciencias Humanas y de la Educación-Carrera de Educación Inicial
Abstract: The purpose of the following investigation was to promote the use of various didactic resources in the classroom for the development of hand-eye coordination in children of Initial Education because it is essential that they have agility in their hands, in order to ensure that students obtain an excellent academic performance with the development of the skill of the coordinated movements of his hands and the information he receives through sight, so it is essential to work within this area in his early years in order to have mastery of your hands where the index and thumb play a major role during the execution of the digital caliper. The research work began with an exhaustive review of bibliographic sources in order to carry out the execution of the theoretical framework that allowed identifying the value of how the labyrinths influence the visual-manual development through the manipulation of the didactic resources that were used for the execution of said activity where the children were able to learn, be entertained, have fun to generate countless positive experiences. The objective of this research work seeks to analyze the influence of mazes on the development of hand-eye coordination in children of Initial Education. The methodology with which we worked is the qualitative one by which information was collected through the interview through a script of questions and the observation sheet, which allowed the collection of the necessary information prior to the analysis of the results to verify the importance and the influence of mazes on the development of hand-eye coordination.
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