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Title: VAK theory activities and the spoken pronunciation interaction
Authors: Chicaiza Redín, Verónica Elizabeth
Torres Reyes, Christopher Fabián
Issue Date: 1-Nov-2020
Publisher: Universidad Técnica de Ambato-Facultad de Ciencias Humanas y de la Educación-Carrera de Idiomas
Abstract: Speaking is perceived as a challenge for EFL learners. The students themselves define it as “working in a mine”, or “learning how to walk again”. It means that teachers should be recursive to help students increase the spoken production. In that way, this work was designed with the main objective of demonstrating the benefits of the use of the VAK theory as a new proposal to develop the speaking skill, so that it can be used in EFL settings. To achieve the goals set, a bibliographic investigation was carried out to get a theoretical support. Then, an experimental research was done in “Unidad Educativa Oscar Efrén Reyes”. The students were divided into two groups: an experimental group, and a control one. At the beginning, a pre-test was applied to all the students to evaluate their current capabilities related to the spoken production. After that, one group of students, the experimental group, was exposed to the VAK theory activities during several lessons, while the other was instructed with no variations in the teaching style applied by their teacher. Finally, a post-test was applied to all the learners to determine if the exposure to the “activities”, aforementioned, produced any change in the spoken production. After collecting and processing all the scores gotten by students, the conclusion drawn was that the use of the VAK theory activities influenced positively the spoken production in the experimental group because the students feel comfortable with the activities that were implemented for helping them to speak without doubts. Students were scared at the moment to speak in the first classes, but, according the time passed; the activities helped them to try to interact to each other and being this research successful
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