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Title: Audiocomics and the listening skill development of the English language
Authors: Calero Sánchez, Ximena Alexandra
Ilaño Beltrán, Jéssica Alejandra
Issue Date: 1-Nov-2018
Publisher: Universidad Técnica de Ambato. Facultad de Ciencias Humanas y de la Educación.Carrera de Idiomas
Abstract: The present study aimed to define the influence of audiocomics on the listening skill development on young adults. This research was based on quantitative and qualitative methodologies to analyze all the information obtained from students. The basic method of investigation of this work was quasi-experimental because the population was insufficient to form two groups, control and experimental, then there was just an experimental group. But at any rate, all the learners took the survey and the pre & post test for monitoring if their listening skill development did have an advancement. To confirm the raised hypothesis, the author selected the statistic test “student T” or “T-test”, as it was the most proper for a quasi-experimental investigation. Therefore, teachers and learners had a new perspective of developing students’ listening skill by using audiocomics in classes
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