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Title: Online Word Games and Vocabulary Acquisition
Authors: Chicaiza Redin, Verónica Elizabeth
Castro Córdova, Jéssica Fabiola
Issue Date: Mar-2023
Abstract: The current research aimed to determine the influence of online word games on vocabulary acquisition. In doing this, the study focused on quantitative methodology with a quasi-experimental design. Some types of online word games are used for vocabulary acquisition, namely: synonym and antonym cards, word bingo, crossword puzzles, and riddles. Two groups of study from the seventh year of primary education formed the intended population, such as the control group with 31 students and the experimental group with 32 students. To collect data, an adapted Cambridge Young learners of English Exam (movers) based on the vocabulary as the pre-test and the post-test. Vocabulary knowledge was evaluated at the beginning of the study, and data gathered showed that their vocabulary knowledge was low and there were not differences in their averages. After that, the researcher designed an intervention proposal to improve students’ vocabulary acquisition. They were based on the Starship English Student’s book A1.2 which corresponds to the seventh grade of school. The classes were focused on Presentation, Practice, and Production methodology combined with online word games, which were suitable and useful for vocabulary acquisition. In this regard, students used online games like matching (memory game), questions and answers (the interactive game), spelling/Jumble (Word game), drag and drop (Word game), and hangman. This intervention phase was carried out during twenty sessions, two per week, with session periods that lasted two hours. After the treatment, the students took the post-test. After comparing means between the control and the experimental group, there was a significant difference between them, with a higher score for the experimental group mainly centered on spelling and the meanings of words. Therefore, the author concluded that there was a high effectiveness of online word games in vocabulary acquisition. It is also recommended that teachers use online word games to enhance students’ English learning.
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