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Title: Evaluación del clima laboral y su repercusión en la calidad del servicio percibida por los clientes del Restaurante CH Farina Sucursal la Kennedy Quito D.M
Authors: Gamboa Núñez, Daniel Enrique
Keywords: Restaurant
Ch Farina
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: In the present study the influence of the work environment was determined on the quality of service perceived by restaurant patrons Branch Ch Farina Kennedy DM The working environment of the restaurant Kennedy was determined by applying a survey of reviewers (14 collaborators) Same considered seven points in particular: they sense of belonging, environment, creativity and initiative, fellowship, boss and superiors post work, remuneration, recognition and communication, likewise, analysis and weighting of the suggestions given by customers service restaurant SR (1139 tips) and takeaway service TS (1127 tips) held the qualification criteria were: time expected product quality, care, cleanliness, friendliness and courtesy and presentation. It was possible then check the analysis of the results by applying the test of JI square: The work environment influences the quality of service perceived by restaurant patrons Ch Farina branch "The Kennedy-Quito DM which helped design a manual functions and procedures to improve the working environment and provide quality service to the external customer.
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