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Title: Sistema de Manufactura Reconfigurable según el paradigma Holónico para el proceso de Troquelado en una empresa de Calzado Deportivo
Authors: Reyes Vásquez, John Paúl
Álvarez Rojas, Kevin Marcelo
Keywords: Paradigma Holónico
Empresas de calzado
Sistemas inteligentes
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Universidad Técnica de Ambato. Facultad de Ingeniería en Sistemas, Electrónica e Industrial. Maestría en Producción y Operaciones Industriales
Abstract: Abstract. The present research proposes a holonic architecture for reconfigurable manufacturing system based on ADACOR. The architecture is controlled as an intelligent system, centralized when the process is in a normal state and decentralized through holons in the presence of disturbances. Holarchy is defined with two main holons, supervisor and routing, that are responsible for distributing the jobs based on the operating states of the system. Experimentation starts from a base scenario in which conditions are optimal and the architecture is tested through a simulation model in FlexSim, conventional and holonic control scenarios are defined with partial and total server failures. The results allow to demonstrate the successful application of the model in the footwear industry. Holonic control with partial failure increases throughput by + 1.66 percent, decreases WIP by -3.17 percent and increases machine utilization by + 1.38 percent compared to conventional control. In total failure similar results are achieved with + 0.68 percent, -0.68 percent and + 0.62 percent respectively.
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