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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-02-01The Immersion Method and fluency of the English LanguageParra Gavilánez, Lorena Fernanda; Noroña Gamboa, Denise Alejandra
2019-10The impact of using games on speaking skillsSuárez Mosquera, Wilma Elizabeth; Cruz Suárez, Diana Janeth
2022-11-01The influence of digital storytelling on speaking skillsChicaiza Redin, Verónica Elizabeth; Amores Trávez, Sandra Elizabeth
2022-07-01The influence of social media on efl learners’ speaking skillsEncalada Trujillo, Edgar Guadia; Villalva Reinoso, Mayra Patricia
2019-09The integrated skills approach and the communicative competence in EFL studentsQuishpe Hipo, Luis Armando; Martínez Zapata, Tatiana Elizabeth
2021-04-01The integration of ict’s in reading comprenhesion in students of Third Bachillerato Levels A-B at Unidad Educativa Luis A. MartinezChimbo Cáceres, Elsa Mayorie; Cadena Escobar, Grace Matilde
2018-04-01The interaction patterns and the speaking skill development in the students of the second semester of Human Sciences and Education Faculty of the Career of Pedagogia de Idiomas Nacionales y Extranjeros from Ambato Technical UniversityEncalada Trujillo, Edgar Guadia; Bedón Chico, Hèctor Israel
2021-01-01The Keyword Method and the English vocabulary learningSuárez Mosquera, Wilma Elizabeth; Cunalata Ramón, Jéssica Gabriela
2018-06-01The Mnemonic Keyword Method and the English language vocabulary learning with fifth year students of basic education at “Francisco Flor-Gustavo Egüez” high school in Ambato city, Tungurahua provinceIza Pazmiño, Sarah Jaqueline; Ramos Acosta, Katerine Estefanía
2023-03The modeling language strategies to enhance the speaking skillsEscudero Orozco, Gloria Isabel; Hidalgo López, Michael César
2018-03-01The montessori method and the speaking skill development with students of first year of basic education at “Unidad Educativa 17 de Abril” of canton Quero Tungurahua provinceEncalada Trujillo, Edgar Guadia; Flores Suntaxi, Alex Dario
2021-03-01The moth stories and the speaking skillInfante Paredes, Ruth Elizabeth; Gallardo Niacato, Yadira Nathaly
2022-03-01The outline technique and the writing skillJordán Buenaño, Cristina del Rocío; Lezano Anchaluisa, Jéssica Carolina
2022-01-01The paraphrasing strategy and the english speaking skillsEncalada Trujillo, Edgar Guadia; Manobanda Herrera, Viviana Lizbeth
2021-11-01The paraphrasing strategy and the English-speaking skillsEdgar Encalada Trujillo, Edgar Guadia; Manobanda Herrera, Viviana Lizbeth
2019-06-01The pic tac tell strategy and its influence in the learning of english language vocabulary in students of eighth year “A” and “B” of Basic General Education of the "Unidad Educativa Luis a. Martinez"Parra Gavilánez, Lorena Fernanda; Acosta Aguilar, Maritza Elizabeth
2021-04-01The podcasts and the English Language Listening skill developmentEncalada Trujillo, Edgar Guadia; Albán Benavides, Belquis Silvana
2018-03-01The podomatic tool and the development of the oral fluency of the English language in the first semester students of the Pedagogy of national and foreign languages career at technical University of AmbatoIza Pazmiño, Sarah Jaqueline; Sánchez Andrade, Giovanna Patricia
2018-07The portfolio as a resource aimed at the development of the English writing process in higher educationVera de la Torre, Ana Jazmina; Armijos Ango, Gabriela del Rocío
2019-03The prediction strategy and the reading comprehension skill in learners of EnglishTorres Padilla, Jimmy Henry; Gómez Zurita, Susy Natalia