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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-05-11E-learning in the english language reading comprehension skills developmentMeléndez Escobar, Lorena Monserrath; Vimos Buñay, Magali del Rocío
2019-11Peer coaching to improve fluency in English speaking developmentMejía Sánchez, Enith Jessenia; Barreno Silva, Nancy de las Mercedes
2019-11Task-based approach in the English speaking fluency developmentSulca Guale, Manuel Xavier; Ajitimbay Zambrano, Tania Fernanda
2019-11The flipped classroom and the oral production in students at Universidad Técnica de Cotopaxi- Language DepartmentMeléndez Escobar, Lorena Monserrath; Guamani Aymacaña, Ana Jacqueline
2019-10Guided writing in the written productionSulca Guale, Manuel Xavier; López Pérez, Sonia de los Ángeles
2019-10Graphic organizers in reading comprehension developmentHernández Chérrez, Elsa de los Ángeles; Carrera Martínez, Verónica Paulina
2019-10Interactive games for the contextualized vocabulary learningSilva Chávez, Judith Alexandra; Topa Soria, Nelson Gustavo
2019-10Ted talks in intelligible pronunciationOrtega Andrade, Dolores del Rocio; Totoy Sani, Carmen Rocio
2019-10Strategies and techniques based on fleming´s VARK Model to develop the English language skills in the students of third year of baccalaureate at “Primero de Abril High SchoolOrtega Andrade, Dolores del Rocío; Vaca Alarcón, Ángel Gustavo
2019-10Impact of technological resources toward writing instruction on English foreign language`s studentsCadena Murga, Boris Cristian; Yuquilema Anilema, Marcela Sandra
2019-10The impact of using games on speaking skillsSuárez Mosquera, Wilma Elizabeth; Cruz Suárez, Diana Janeth
2019-10Inter learning of technical English to develop reading skill in students of second level section “a” and “b”, of Industrial Mechanics at Carlos Cisneros Institute of Chimborazo provinceMeléndez Escobar, Lorena Monserrath; Castillo Llamuca, Daniela Fernanda
2019-10Drama technique to improve speaking skill of English language in EFL classroomSilva Chávez, Judith Alexandra; Caín Yuquilema, Elsa María
2019-10Content and language integrated learning (C.L.I.L) in writing skillsMejía Sánchez, Enith Jessenia; Pañi Molina, Mayra Gabriela
2019-10The cooperative learning approach in the development of English oral fluencyRomero, Wilber; Verdezoto Suárez, Lucia Victoria
2019-10Project based learning method to develop speaking skill in the students of eight level of San Felipe Neri School September 2018 – January 2019Ortega Andrade, Rocío; Jaramillo Quinchuela, Gabriela Alexandra
2019-10Communicative language teaching (CLT) activities to develop English speaking skillsWilber Orlando, Romero Villarroel; García León, Erika Paola
2019-10Communicative activities in the speaking skill developmentSuárez Mosquera, Wilma Elizabeth; Guailla Guaranga, Janneth Mercedes
2019-10Verbal linguistic intelligence strategies for English language speaking skills developmentSuárez Mosquera, Wilma Elizabeth; Amaguaya Vizuete, Sandra Paulina
2019-10Podcasting in the development of the listening skillSulca Guale, Manuel Xavier; Ramos Idrovo, Silvia Licett
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 104