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Title: Determinación de la tasa de prevalencia de (Brucella spp.) en bovinos de raza lechera del sector San Fernando del cantón Santiago de Píllaro
Authors: Barros Rodríguez, Marcos Antonio
Jáuregui Medina, José Elías
PREVALENCIA DE (Brucella spp.)
Brucella spp
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: The research aimed to determine the prevalence rate of Brucella spp. in dairy breed cattle industry in the canton San Fernando Santiago de Píllaro. 105 blood samples of a total population of 286 cows of dairy breeds of working age was gathered, from 94 farms in the sector, were analyzed by serological diagnosis of rose bengal and competitive ELISA, thus confirming the existence of two positive samples Brucella spp. represented a cup of prevalence of 1.9%. Therefore Prevalence of Brucella spp. in the area of San Fernando, in the canton Santiago de Píllaro it is low. Through surveys conducted in 94 dairy farms in the sector, the management methods of dairy cattle industry showing that the playback system chosen from herds is artificial insemination with 96.8% was determined, Another important aspect given in surveys are biosecurity practices a 64.9% of respondents said not knowing brucellosis, generating lack of control and prevention; 80.9% of farms not done vaccination for Brucella spp .; 91.5% of households purchase replacement cattle fairs without clear knowledge of the origin of the animals and their optimal health; 64.9% does not isolate bovine replacement before entering them into the herd to prevent the emergence of new outbreaks of disease in the herd; the frequency of veterinary controls at 70.2% is performed only in emergencies, without establishing a common health medical control; these issues if not handled correctly can mean an imminent risk to the occurrence of Brucella spp. KEYWORDS: Brucellosis, incidence, farms, surveys, serology, Rose Bengal, competitive ELISA.
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