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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-02Academic blogs to develop reading comprehension in students from superior educationIza Pazmiño, Sarah Jacqueline; Ruiz Morales, Mercedes Isabel
2018-01Communicative language teaching techniques for enriching the speaking skill in high school studentsIza Pazmiño, Sarah Jacqueline; Silva Valencia, Juan Carlos
2018-07Cooperative learning in development of speaking skill in students of bachilleratoIza Pazmiño, Sarah Jacqueline; Ocaña Chagmana, Gladys Guadalupe
2020-07-01Discovery strategies and the listening skillIza Pazmiño, Sarah Jacqueline; Pico Balseca, Karla Lissette
2018-03-01Lateral thinking technique for the development of the oral skill at Unidad Educativa Mayor AmbatoIza Pazmiño, Sarah Jacqueline; Ramos Ochoa, Andrea Estefania
2018-12Listening activities based on american pop music in the acquisition of english as a foreign languageIza Pazmiño, Sarah Jacqueline; Ramírez Camino, Sandra Maribel
2019-02Multimedia elements in the listening skill comprehension in students of superior education.Iza Pazmiño, Sarah Jacqueline; Tigse Zambrano, Mariela Victoria
2018-07Reading comprehension to develop higher education student´s critical thinkingIza Pazmiño, Sarah Jacqueline; Jordán Jordán, Alba del Rocío
2021-03-01Short stories and the acquisition of vocabularyIza Pazmiño, Sarah Jacqueline; Vallejo Mera, Christian Patricio
2018-07Social networks as a tool in the English writing skill developmentIza Pazmiño, Sarah Jacqueline; Garcés Villacrés, Mónica Alexandra
2019-06Task-based learning approach in the development of the speaking skillIza Pazmiño, Sarah Jacqueline; Soria Guerrero, Byron Rafael
2019-09Teacher – student rapport and the attitudes towards the English language in university studentsIza Pazmiño, Sarah Jacqueline; Carmen Cecilia, Mejía Calle
2019-03The flipped classroom method in English speaking skill developmentIza Pazmiño, Sarah Jacqueline; Telenchana Carvajal, Silvia Paulina
2018-03-01The process approach and the development of the English language writing skill in students of second semester of the career of Pedagogía de los Idiomas Nacionales y Extranjeros of Human Science and Education Faculty of Ambato Technical University, in Ambato city, Tungurahua provinceIza Pazmiño, Sarah Jacqueline; Tigse Toapanta., Sandy Gabriela
2018-05-01The use of english pronunciation app and the english pronunciation in the third semester from pedagogía de los idiomas nacionales y extranjeros from Ambato Technical University, Tungurahua provinceIza Pazmiño, Sarah Jacqueline; Tualombo Chamba, Enma Susana
2019-01-01Virtual environments and their influence on the English meaningful learning in the second year of Electronic Specialty at Atahualpa High School, Ambato city, Tungurahua provinceIza Pazmiño, Sarah Jacqueline; Egüez Mayorga, Mayra Cristina